"Underground heat flow monitoring station at Papsziget (Szentendre)"

Responsible: László MERÉNYI
Adress: 2000 Szentendre, Papsziget

Papsziget monitoring station is found on a small island in Szentendre city, near the Danube River. Our main activity in the station is to conduct long-term underground heat and temperature measurements. These measurements support our shallow geothermal research and development projects, particularly the testing of soil temperature and heat flow sensors and soil thermal property determination methods. The long term monitoring also helps us understand better the underground transient soil heat flow. The station's special location at the Danube river makes is possible to study the ground-water flow dominated soil heat flow phenomena.

We intend to make some near surface geophysical measurements (for example, with geoelectrical method) in the station, to study some properties (especially groundwater) influencing the shallow geothermal potential, but also, to study the capabilities of these geophysical methods for shallow geothermal exploration.

Another field of our studies at Papsziget is to measure the small changes of gravity field induced by the level changes of the nearby river and of the ground-water.