"Mátyáshegy" Gravity and Geodynamic Observatory

Head of the observatory: Márta KIS, Ph.D.
Adress: 1025 Budapest, Mátyáshegyi út
Phone: (+36-1-) 3843302
Fax: (+36-1-) 3843306

The aim of the activity of the Mátyáshegy Gravity and Geodynamical Observatory is to monitor the different geodynamic phenomena, i.e. Earth-tides, local tectonic and artificial deformations. Furthermore, the observatory contains the National Main Gravity Base Point, which is the part of the Hungarian Gravity Base Network and National Gravimeter Calibration Line. 

The observatory is situated in the NW part of Budapest, in the Mátyáshegy natural cave system formed by thermal water in limestone, where the disturbing environmental effects are mostly eliminated.


  • absolute and relative gravity measurements
  • calibration of relative gravimeters
  • monitoring local Earth-crust deformations by quartz-tube extensometric measurement system
  • maintenance of the digital registration system
  • data providing.

The extensometric measurement system contains two suspended quartz-tube extensometers with a length of 13.5 m and 21.3 m, respectively, which enable observing nanometer-scale displacements.

 Extensometric observatory data of the last 30 days.

The observed data can be provided for domestic and international research purposes.

The geographical coordinates of the observatory:

  • Lattitude :47-32-00, Longitude : 19-01-00 (Kraszovszkij ellipsoid) EOV Y : 647559, EOV X : 243230 (pillar Nr. 821.),
  • Baltic height: 202.047 m (pillar Nr. 821.).

Actual observatory data


Márta KIS Ph.D.
András KOPPÁN Ph.D.