research fellow

Phone: (+36-87)  448-501 or  (+36-48) 448-497


  • MS Physics and Mathematics, 1996, József Attila University of Sciences, Szeged, Hungary.
  • Medium State Degree in English, 2009, CCF, Budapest, Hungary.
  • Medium State Degree in German, 1995, CCF, Budapest, Hungary.
  • Basis State Degree in Russian, 1989, CCF, Budapest, Hungary.

Degree: MSc.

Membership: Member of Association of Hungarian Geophysicists

Research areas: Geomagnetism.

Reasearch activity:
  • Leader of Tihany Geophysical Observatory.
  • Testing and development of new geomagnetic observatory methods.
  • Development of (DIDD).
  • Test of magnetometers (DIM, fluxgate, nuclear magnetometers).
  • Research in geomagnetic pulsation.
  • Repeat station measurement and data reduction. Testing and developing new techniques for the measurement and for the data reduction.
  • Several geomagnetic field surveys (mapping, archeo magnetic research,etc.).
  • Test of UXO detectors.
  • Setup and harmonize data recording systems and handling the recorded data.