Péter KOVÁCS, Ph.D.

Péter KOVÁCS, Ph.D.
Senior researcher, Head of Department
Department of Earth Physics

E-mail: kovacs.peter@mfgi.hu
Phone: (+36-1) 252-4999 / 298

Education: Geophysics, Eötvös University, Budapest (1988-1994)

Degree:  Ph.D. in Earth Sciences, Eötvös University, Budapest (2006)

  • Association of Hungarian Geophysicists (1990-).
  • European Geophysical Society (1997-2001).
  • AGU (2008-).

Research areas: 

  • Geomagnetism.
  • Nonlinear time-series analysis.

Reasearch activity:

  • Geomagnetic researches including observatory data acquisition, processing and interpretation, and the analyses of geomagnetic records.
  • Analyses of magnetic records of satellite missions (Cluster, ACE, WIND, CHAMP).
  • Geomagnetic repeat station and country surveys
  • Applied geomagnetic researches.
  • Development of Eötvös torsion balance database.
  • TEMPUS scholarship, 1993, Germany (Fridericana University, Karlsruhe), Topic: Borehole breakout study for the investigation of tectonic stress field in the Pannonian Basin.
  • Eötvös Scholarship, 1999, Italy (Physics Department of Universita della Calabria), Topic: Nonlinear analysis of geomagnetic time-series.
  • Bólyai Scholarship of Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2007-2010).
  • OTKA Grant, F030331 (1999-2002).
  • OTKA Grant, K75640(2008-).
  • EU FP7, STORM (2013-).