Research fellow
Department of Earth Physics

Phone: (+36-1) 252-49-99 / 284

Education: University of Veszprem, Hungary: Faculty of Environmental Engineering. Graduated in 1997

Degree: M.Sc. degree in Environmental Engineering

Research areas:

  • Shallow geothermal energy, geophysical data acquisition and instrumentation.
Reasearch activity:
  • Shallow geothermal energy, ground source heat pump systems: computer simulations of underground heat transfer and water flow (HST3D, FeFlow).
  • Measurement and monitoring of underground temperature changes and heat flow, simulation and monitoring of ground-coupled heat exchangers and ground source heat pump systems, determination of soil thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity, shallow geothermal mapping (ThermoMap project), calculation of potential in shallow geothermal energy.
  • Geophyisical data acquisition: hardware and software developments, geomagnetic observatory recordings, mobile data acquisition.