Geological Museum

The Geological Museum hosts the largest geological collection of Hungary. It consists of 23 thematic collections of over 180 000 inventorized fossils, minerals, rocks and photos.The main building is one of the most important works of Ödön Lechner, a prominent architect of art nouveau style.
Open on weekdays by appointment only. Please email at least one week ahead. Admission is free.



1143-Budapest, 14 Stefánia St.


♦ 10 minutes by walk from Stadinok station, Metroline 2 (red)
♦ trolleybus No 75
♦ buses No 5, 7, 110, 112 and 239 (Stefánia street station)
♦ tram No 1 or 1A (Egressy street station)


Records of 450 million years from Hungary

Introduces the geological history of Hungary and the Carpathian Basin from the Silurian age till today.

Our past – History of Hungarian geology

Introduces the development and prominent persons of Hungarian geology.

Beauty and value – Minerals and ores from Hungary

Introduces the ores and connected minerals of Hungary.

Memorial exhibition about András Tasnádi Kubacska

Introduces András Tasnádi Kubacska, who was an academic doctor of earth- and minerological sciences, as well as a leading personality of museology of natural sciences and popular science.

Fluorescent minerals –
The Cherepy collection

Introduces fluorescent minerals from Franklin- and Sterling mines, New Jersey, USA.