Handling the core sample storage in Hungary

Supervisor: Gyula Maros
Address: 1143 Budapest, Stefánia Street 14th
Phone number: (+36-1-)251-0999/116
Hungarian Office for Mining and Geology (MBFH) works on handling of core sample storages since January 1, 2012. The aim of maintaining the collection is to know better the geology of Hungary, the specific storing, saving of samples from surface and subsurface areas, and we have to provide the access for experts. The core sample storage is operated and cordinated by the Hungarian Office for Mining and Geology in professional cooperation with Geological and Geophysical Institute of Hungary (MFGI).
The case of handling of core sample storages and access to samples is written down in the 3/2012. (VI. 29.) MBFH presidential statement. The prices of services are written down in the 1/15/2007. MBFH presidential statement.
Since 2011 the Institute is working on this project and supervise the core sample storages. Within the framework of the project, first of all, we have to identify the core samples, after that, we’re taking pictures of them and insert datas into GIS database. The database of core sample datas is available as a part of the drilling GIS database system of the Institute (Geobank).
Since 2014 a „Core sample storage website” is available for everybody. Here, anyone can search informations about drillings on maps and in the database too. Results of searching can be transformed to a request about viewing core samples. The claims can be given straight for the Institute and for the MBFH. On the website, the most important statement can be found about the prices, etc.
What to do, if you want to resort the services of the core sample storages? Enter Core sample storage website!