Paleomagnetic Laboratory

Head of the laboratory: Emő MÁRTON, D.Sc.
Adress: 1118 Budapest, Homonna str. 9.
Phone: (+36-1) 319-3203

In the Palaeomagnetic Laboratory there are instruments for measuring weak remanent and induced magnetizations and instruments for identifying the magnetic minerals of rocks. In the laboratory, the instruments are carefully maintained and the environment and conditions which are absolutely necessary for obtaining reliable results are permanently guaranteed (free of dust, mechanical and magnetic noises, necessary distance between instruments kept, orientation of the demagnetization devices regularly checked). The measuring instruments are on-line with computers and the computers are interconnected. The new data are automatically stored in a data base. The system of data processing is not only maintained but when necessary, it is modernized.
The high standard of the laboratory is the guarantee for obtaining internationally recognized results.
The main field of the research in the laboratory is the geodynamically oriented palaeomagnetic studies, first of all in the Pannonian basin. Apart from this the laboratory works in co-operation with several research teams from Europe.
Environmental magnetic investigations on different materials, like soils, tree leaves, settled dusts and aerosols have also been the targets of the research.
The results are documented by publications in high standard Hungarian and international journals and special publications.
The Palaeomagnetic Laboratory participates in the teaching program of universities, e.g. by supervising MSc and PhD students and receiving undergraduates for summer training from Hungarian universities and from abroad.

The Laboratory is maintained by the Department of Earth Physics.