Department of Earthphysics

Head of department: Dr Peter KOVÁCS
Address:                 1145 Budapest, Tallér u. 1/b.
Phone:                          (36-1-)252-4999

FFO.jpegThe department concerns with the study of the magnetic and gravity fields of the Earth by observatory methods and national geophysical networks, geodynamic monitoring, paleomagnetic research, investigation of near-Earth space environment, development of geothermal recording sensors and geophysical modelling.


Gravity and magnetic field anomalies and their variations provide information about the inner structure of the Earth from the surface to the core and the Solar System. Observations of the spatial and temporal variations of these fields play significant role in mineral exploration, studies of Earth-tide phenomena and physical processes of the Sun-Earth system.


In our Paleomagnetic Laboratory the following investigations are carried out: measurement of magnetic susceptibility, remanent magnetization and rock-magnetic experiments mainly for plate-tectonic interpretation. 


Geothermal research is aimed at providing a scientific support for the utilization of terrestrial heat by measurements and modelling.


The high-precision instrument park and the geophysical data bases of our department provide a sound basis for the manifold services we can offer in the field of applied geological exploration, environmental protection problems, archeological and other near-surface cavity investigation and instrument development and testing.

Fields of research:

  • Gravity research
  • Geomagnetic research
  • Paleomagnetic research
  • Geothermal prospecting